Camp Sugarbush? Sugarbush School?

Whatever you call it – we’re having a great time and also getting a lot done!

Looking Forward to 2017-2018!!

Get those hard hats on because our school is a construction site!

Fractions in the Library!

Our 4th grade math class has been learning how to simplify fractions and convert them to percents. But what good is this knowledge? When would we ever use it? Well, we are finding one really good use for this skill in our school library. We discussed the kinds of picture books that might not show up very often and why we might like to see more of them. We chose 3 criteria to focus on: main characters in picture books who are female, and/or multicultural (and ethnicities other than white), and characters with disabilities. Genevieve let us spend a math class counting and classifying the picture books. Our next job will be to use the data we collected to make fractions, convert them to percents, then write persuasive letters to Genevieve about what kind of books we’d like to see more of in our school library. Stay tuned for more of our results, but here’s a little video of what Julia’s group found so far:

fractions in library

I-Team Play: On the Radio

What a great show! Thank you so much to Ruth Ann and the wonderful PTO for making it happen. I am so proud of our students who gave up their free time, practiced their lines and dance moves and put their hearts and souls into making the performance as good as could be. Your faces up there on stage say it all! IMG_2924

Painting Party!

IMG_2858 IMG_2854 IMG_2851 IMG_2848 IMG_2846

Science Test

4th Graders working hard on the NECAP science test:

IMG_2831 IMG_2835

Math Magicians Go On The Road!

IMG_2727 IMG_2723

Math Fact Fluency Apps!


Thank You Dry Ice!

dry ice

Blast from the past!

Here’s a video Katie’s Class made 3 years ago about recycling! Have fun watching!