Friday, June 16, 2017

By: Lyndley

Jun 16 2017

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Story of the Day

Many children brought their bears to school and were excited to talk about our successful bear hunt yesterday. At Morning Meeting, I asked each child to share his/her favorite part of the hunt.

We found bears in a bag. -Davern

I liked getting my beary. -Evelyn

Finding the bear with Syzer. -Gabriel

Finding the bears. -Grace

I liked going on a bear hunt and finding bears with Lucy. -JJ

My favorite part was going on a bear hunt with Lucy and dancing. -Kora

We should have brought the book to show us where Goldilocks went. -Libby

I loved going on a bear hunt and I love my bear. -Lucy

I liked the bear part. -Sydney

On a walk finding pretend bears. -Syzer

Finding my bear. -Waverly

Finding pretend bears. -Wilder

At Project Time, some children created stories of the experience with collage materials.

Arrival: The children enjoyed playing in the Sand Table, working in the ice cream shop, building with magnet tiles, creating messages, playing with the ramps and cars and exploring the KPAS room.

Morning Meeting:

  • Greeting: Each child “fished” for another child’s name/symbol and greeted him/her.
  • Song: We danced to “School’s Out for Summer”
  • Activity: Each child shared his/her favorite part of our bear hunt yesterday
  • Choices

Project Time:

  • Decorating envelopes for Father’s Day cards
  • Creating butterflies
  • Creating bear hunt stories with collage materials
  • Washing and scrubbing animals in the Water Table
  • Eating snack
  • The children had fun in the other areas of the room once they finished with the first five choices

Snack: Thanks, Wilder, the cookies were yummy!!! The children also enjoyed a variety of leftover snacks.

Second Meeting: 

  • By request, we danced to “School’s Out for Summer” again
  • I read The Seven Silly Eaters
  • We played “Little Mouse, Little Mouse, Somebody Stole Your Strawberry”

Outside Time: Unfortunately we couldn’t go outside because of the rain!

Have a great summer!

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