Thursday, March 30, 2017

By: Lyndley

Mar 30 2017

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Story of the Day

All of the children were excited to color mix today! Every child came to the choice at least once. As usual, the children were excited to share their ideas and colors.

Blue made purple. ‘Cause watch, you put red in. -Grace

I made purple, Hailey! -Kora

Good job, Kora! -Hailey

Do you want pink? -Kora

Yes! -Hailey

Can I have some of your colors? You can have some of mine. -JJ

No, thank you. -Waverly

Can I have some of your colors? You can have some of mine. -JJ

Yes. -Libby

JJ, I can make you some purple. Here’s some. I don’t have much. -Libby

Arrival: The children had fun working with play-do, playing in the House Area, building with magnet tiles, working in the Block Area and exploring the KPAS room.

Morning Meeting: 

  • Greeting: We sang “Willabee Wallabee Woo” as our greeting and welcomed Deb who was subbing for Chris
  • Song: We sang and did the motions to “Up Like a Rocket”
  • Activity: Each child got a drum and drum stick and we told the story of Yo! Yes? using loud and quiet drum beats
  • Choices

Project Time:

  • Color mixing in the Studio
  • Working in the Sand Table
  • Drawing with cray pods at the Message Center
  • Eating snack
  • The children had fun in the other areas of the classroom once they finished working on the first four choices

Snack: Thanks, Hailey, the fruit snacks, clementines and pretzels were yummy!

Second Meeting:

  • I read Knuffle Bunny and talked about how Trixie and Knuffle Bunny live in a city. Waverly said she knew “because there are a lot of houses.”
  • We discussed our buddy time plans of continuing to work on our skyscrapers…making the windows

Buddy Time: Children worked in my room and in Katie’s room on the skyscrapers

Outside Time

"Measuring programming progress by lines of code is like measuring aircraft building progress by weight." (Bill Gates) x