Wednesday, May 24, 2017

By: Lyndley

May 24 2017

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Story of the Day

Chris brought a group of children on a new hike today. Instead of heading down the Mad River Path, they went on the Hedgehog Interpretive Trail. Lucy referenced the hike at Morning Meeting, when she said, “I want to go to the shelter and then up.” As they hiked the children had a lot of conversation.

I’ve never been on this trail before. -Evelyn

I think there might be bears on this trail. -Kora

I went up this trail with my dogs and my brother and my dad and my mom. -Lucy

Muddy, muddy, muddy! Hey Chris, it’s muddy! -JJ

Hey Chris, I went on the trails next to my house. -Syzer

You went on the trails at Blueberry Lake? -Chris

Yes. -Syzer

My dad and I went on a boat on Blueberry Lake and my brother was there, too. -Evelyn

There’s a sign up here. -JJ

There’s not any bears around here right now because bears only come out at night. -Syzer

Wow, this is a big hill! I don’t want to fall down it! -JJ

Another one! Another sign! -Evelyn

It’s a hedgehog. -Kora

No, it’s a porcupine. -Evelyn

It’s a train. -Kora

I’m driving. -JJ

I bet people wanted to swim in the stream. -Lucy

I see a cave. I found a snake hole! -JJ

I don’t think it’s a snake hole. What other kind of hole could it be? -Chris

Let me check it out. It’s a mouse hole. -Syzer

What do you guys see now? -Chris

We see forts. We see a fire pit. -Lucy

Are there children hiding in them? -Kora

I don’t think children are hiding in them. -Chris

When I see a bear I will punch it in the face. -Kora

I will hit him in the face using these sticks. -Evelyn

I punched him right in his teeth. Then we threw him right over the bank. -Lucy

Oh my goodness! We are going to get lost! -Kora

We are not going to get lost. -Lucy

Why are we not going to get lost? -Chris

Because it’s a loop. -Lucy

We’re following the signs. -Evelyn

Did you know that this was an interstate before and they put leaves all over and now it’s a trail? -Lucy

Arrival: The children enjoyed playing “Frankie’s Food Truck Fiasco”, working with clay, creating messages, playing with the cars and ramps, building with magnet tiles, playing in the House Area and exploring the KPAS room.

Morning Meeting:

  • Greeting: Each child took off one of his/her shoes and put it in the middle of the circle. Then each child had a turn to pick a shoe, return it to the child to who it belonged and greet him/her.
  • Song: We sang and did the motions to “5 Green and Speckled Frogs”
  • Activity: We played a game called “Little Bear, Little Bear, Where Are You?”. All of the children closed their eyes. I tapped a child on the head and he/she crawled into the den (underneath a sheet). Then everyone said, “little bear, little bear, where are you?”. The children opened their eyes and guessed who was hiding in the den.
  • Choices

Project Time:

  • Adventure Hike with Chris
  • Choosing and then drawing part of We’re Going on a Bear Hunt in the Message Center
  • Working with clay in the Studio
  • Playing with the house blocks and other blocks on the map
  • Eating snack
  • The children had fun in the other areas of the room once they finished with the first five choices

Snack: Thanks, Syzer, the Annie’s snack mix and apples were yummy!

Second Meeting:

  • Share: Waverly shared her part of We’re Going on a Bear Hunt
  • Book: I read Bear Hugs

Outside Time

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