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IMG_3961Jennifer Boland MA LICSW

You can reach me at (802) 496-2487 Ext #239
Or Email her at
Please contact me if you need to schedule an appointment.
I am available Monday – Thursday (School Calendar)

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Student supports

I work with any Warren School student or group of students who need support or guidance during the day. Students are welcome to seek support on their own for any issue that is impacting their school life such as:
– Trouble making friends
-Stress management
-Handling emotions
-Family stressors

Bullying Prevention

Students are encouraged to talk with me or their teachers if they are struggling with any peer conflicts or teasing.   Getting help early with peer struggles is the best way to prevent bullying.  If students come to talk with me they are told that talking to me is confidential and they should not be fearful of tattling. Often times conversations with students around teasing result in the student finding successful ways to cope with the situation on their own. However, there are times the student will decide that confronting a peer with adult support is the best way to solve the problem. We will come to the decision of how to solve the problem together as long as there are no safety concerns.

Parent Support

Parents may seek support for students or themselves and are encouraged to contact me if they need help with things such as:
-Anything that is upsetting their child
-Peer conflicts
-Family stressors
-Academic stressors
-Sleep issues
-Death in a family
-Divorce or family conflicts
-Parenting support
-Behavioral challenges
-Stressful mornings
-Assistance finding outside support services or financial supports.
-Referrals for outside therapists


I work very closely with classroom teachers and support staff and classroom teachers are also available to support students and families. It is certainly appropriate to reach out specifically to your child’s classroom teacher if you have concerns. Each educational team will then work together to help find the best solutions for students and families.

Guidance Classes

Throughout the year, I teach guidance classes to grades P3-6. All classes follow the VT Framework of Standards for Health and Guidance Education. Some topics covered include:
-How to be a friend
-Conflict Resolution
-Handling emotions
-Stress Management
-Impulse Control
-Drug and Alcohol Prevention
-Peer Pressure
-Effective Communication
-Healthy Body Image
-Developing Positive Self Esteem
-Making Healthy and Safe Choices
-Respect and Kindness

Confidentiality (FERPA/HIPPA)

The confidentiality of student and family information is extremely important to me. What is said to me stays with me with the following exceptions:
-The student and/or family agree that it would be helpful for me to share information to best support the student at school or there is a need to know for educational support services.
-Concern of harm to self or others
-Abuse or neglect
-Court or other legal proceedings
-When sharing information could help keep students or people safe

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